So your school is running the Mini Eats Fundraiser & you're wondering what to expect? Don't worry - we've got you covered!

On the day the fundraiser launches your class will receive a box with all the Mini Eats Gardens for your students as well as a letter to you explaining some further details.

Students will probably be excited to take a look in the box so if it's possible to let them have a little look through their box & booklet when receiving their garden that would be great as it will give students a chance to build excitement together. Please remind your students that they'll need everything in the box to qualify for cool bonuses and prizes throughout the fundraiser so keep them safe and take them home with them.

We have included an extra garden so if you would like to set one up in your classroom it could be a great way to share the experience in a classroom setting and link into lessons around nature and gardens if desired. For details on setting up the garden you can head to

There is a large box labelled “admin” that should remain with reception or administration staff at the school and if you have any extra garden boxes left please take them and place them in the admin box. Likewise if for any reason you have too few boxes you will be able to go and pick up additional from the admin box.

We will touch base with you throughout the fundraiser via email to let you know how your students and also how your classroom are doing and if you choose to it's a great opportunity to reward students for outstanding efforts. We really do appreciate any and all support that you give towards the children's efforts and the fundraiser in general as it will ultimately be the students and teachers who benefit from the additional funds raised.