Freedawn gives you all the tools to run an incredibly powerful fundraising campaign focused around every student growing their own fruit & vege garden. Each student gets their own personal webpage to receive donations and share their journey while via the control panel you can measure overall progress. We'll also directly send you the gardens and marketing materials needed to make sure your campaign is a great success. There's no up front or setup costs - we charge a percentage of the total raised so there's absolutely no risk to you.

Create your Fundraising Page which students can join in 2 minutes

Students receive their own individual fundraising pages & unique text codes

We'll send out your Gardens and student materials so students are mobilised to fundraise easily via online, text & social media

How the Garden in a Box Works

We'll provide the school with a 'Garden in a Box' for every student that contains everything they need to grow their own fruit & vege garden.

The box unfolds as the base & the plastic sheet helps prevent any water leaking through. The compressed soil expands in water, and the seeds are then planted directly into it.

The gardens are best kept on the kitchen window sill or somewhere inside where they'll get a bit of sun & the seedlings will be protected in their early stages.

Here’s the full details

  • After creating your school fundraiser every student joins & receives their own fundraising webpage & unique code to receive txt donations. Students can follow their progress online & view leaderboards to see the ranking of other students, classrooms & school houses.
  • You can see how your campaign is performing, recognise top performers & thank donors directly. You can also customise daily & weekly reports to be sent to your team to update them on how their students are doing.
  • We'll send the 'Gardens in a Box' directly to you, as well as providing each student with a fundraising pack that includes a brochure explaining the campaign to them & their parents & a fundraising flyer.
  • Students can share their pages online and supporters can make donations within a few clicks, sooo easy! If students are out & about at a family BBQ or going door to door, they can ask supporters to simply text their three digit code to 855 to donate $10! All donations are instantly updated online. Super awesome!
  • Freedawn provides the option for donors to gift a percentage of their donation to the student as a reward for their efforts. This works as a motivating force for students to potentially raise much more than they would have otherwise, so everyone wins!
  • Funds are received into an independent Freedawn Charitable Trust Account and paid to the School’s verified bank account within 7 days. *less any associated fees. Pretty cool, yeah? You can view a full explanation of fees here.
If you’d like to organise a chat with us to find out more please click here and we’ll be in touch.

To get straight into it you can Create your Great Garden Grow Fundraiser now!