Pricing & Fee's

The cost of a campaign is 50% plus GST of total funds raised (almost all schools are able to claim back the GST). There's no set up fees so no risk to the school & we invest a significant portion of the remaining 50% into the fundraiser to ensure an outstanding success.

We cover all expenses within the 50% +GST cost of a fundraiser, including:

  • The Mini Eats Gardens
  • Prizes for the students - approximately 15%-20% of the total raised goes back into prizes to ensure continued motivation and high levels of funds raised
  • Materials - We provide a professionally printed 16 page info booklet and prize catalogue which includes a pull out calendar & fundraising support page.
  • Credit card, banking & text fees
  • Website hosting & infrastructure

So that's all you'll pay with no other fees or costs whatsoever! You can get in touch with us on 0800 932 731 or at to further discuss our fees.