Welcome to all parents & students! Here at Freedawn we're focused on changing the way schools fundraise. By giving students the efficient tools they need to effectively raise funds we aim to remove what has long been a burden to parents . Students also have the ability to earn money as a reward for their efforts while they experience the wonder of growing their own food. Let's Grow Together!

How it works

Your child joins the school fundraising campaign

The school will provide every student with a Freedawn 'Garden in a Box'

Your child can collect donations easily via the website or by using their unique text code


How does the school raise money?
Every student is provided with a Freedawn fruit & vege garden, which they set up & grow either indoors or outdoors. Students can then ask family and friends for donations for doing so. Donation's can be received either via their personal fundraising page or by text using their unique code. Students can also receive monetary gifts from donors in recognition of their efforts (See 'Can my child earn money through Freedawn? below for further details).

Is it easy?
We've designed the entire system to be as simple as possible. To signup on the website takes less than 2 minutes and we've specifically designed the Garden in a Box with everything required for your child to grow their fruit & veges. You don't even need your own garden - the box itself unfolds to house the plants. All instructions are included and it takes about 5 minutes to set up and 1-2 minutes a day to give the plants some water & love.

Are my child's details secure?
Privacy was one of our primary concerns when designing the system so we've built the entire website using 256 bit SSL (https), similar to what your banking website uses, to make sure all information remains secure. Also if you'd prefer your child remain anonymous we give you the option of using only a Nickname/Username rather than your child's name - and the profile pictures are optional as well.

Why are you asking for my bank account? Can my child earn money through Freedawn?
Yes they can. Donors have the option to gift a percentage of their donation to the student as a reward for their efforts. This money will be transferred to the students nominated bank account within 7 days of the completion of the fundraiser.