School Fundraising made easy & fun.
Let's Grow Together!

Get involved in under 60 seconds (current record 47 seconds)
'The Great Garden Grow' Fundraiser couldn't be easier!
Everyone wins with Freedawn. Supercharge your fundraising while students grow their own garden.

How the Fundraiser Works

Create your fundraiser online in 2 minutes & we'll get in touch with you to organise delivery of your gardens in a box.

Every student receives their own fundraising page, unique text code & a Garden in a Box to begin fundraising

Donations are received by text & online then deposited directly into the schools bank account once the fundraiser is complete

How the Garden in a Box Works

We'll provide the school with a 'Garden in a Box' for every student that contains everything they need to grow their own fruit & vege garden.

The box unfolds as the base & the plastic sheet helps prevent any water leaking through. The compressed soil expands in water, and the seeds are then planted directly into it.

The gardens are best kept on the kitchen window sill or somewhere inside where they'll get a bit of sun & the seedlings will be protected in their early stages.

I couldn't believe how easy it was! In less than a minute I had my own page
& was able to receive donations online & by text. It's very cool!
Nicole Davys
Hamilton, NZ
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